Year 4

What we’ve been up to…


Below are some photos of the children making a roman breakfast. They crushed up barley  and then cooked it with milk to make porridge.

Photo 22-01-2018 11 31 57 Photo 22-01-2018 12 04 46 Photo 22-01-2018 12 04 25



This half term, Year 4 have been learning about the Romans. Children took part in a workshop and had a wonderful time discovering more about the Roman Empire. They had the opportunity make and dress up in clothes similar to those soldiers in that time wore, as well as having the chance to investigate artefacts from that time and discovering what each one was used for. Everyone found it extremely interesting!


Photo 04-01-2018 14 20 14 (1) Photo 04-01-2018 09 15 18



During the last half term, Year 4 were given the opportunity to take part in a competition to come up with a fundraising idea to raise money for charity. The winning team were Goncalo, Kaylyn, Jaiden, Lelicio and Annie, who came up with the idea of selling Christmas cards. Sir Robert MCcApline thought this was a fantastic idea and decided to produce the cards from the children’s designs. This week, the winning team spent the morning at Eden House selling the Christmas cards that the children in Lilac Class designed. They managed to raise over £100 for charity and even got to meet two Chief Executives!


Photo 05-12-2017 10 14 34 Photo 05-12-2017 10 48 18 Photo 05-12-2017 10 05 45




The Science Museum

On Thursday 9th October, Lilac class visited the Science Museum in South Kensington. In groups, children explored the launch pad. Children then had the opportunity to apply what they had learnt in science to complete tasks around the museum.

Photo 09-11-2017 11 42 16

Photo 09-11-2017 12 48 07