Year 3

What we’ve been up too…

Last week, Sunflower class visited the Natural History Museum to learn more about their topic – ‘Earthquakes’. They found real life examples of oceanic and continental crusts and experienced a simulation of an earthquake. They watched footage of real earthquakes around the world and considered further how to keep safe during a natural disaster.

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Sunflower class performed a fantastic class assembly. They talked about their wide range of learning this term and performed a song (The Power in Me) to demonstrate how much they have grown in confidence so far this year!



The author Joe Lillington came to visit Sunflower Class to talk to us about his book ‘Toby and the Ice Giants’ and what it is like to be a writer and illustrator. The children were very excited about this, as we have been using this book to learn all about the extinct creatures of the Ice Age!

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Chef Jacob Kenedy came to tell us about his work as a chef. He surprised us with a tasting menu of strange and wonderful foods. Some of the foods included were caramel mealworms, sea urchin and artichoke hearts.

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