What we’ve been up to…

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During Booklinks Week, we had a special visit from Karen Owen who was the author of our book of the week ‘As Quiet As A Mouse’. Karen read the story to us and then we discussed quiet and loud sounds using instruments. Karen also played her drum whilst we sand to ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. We had lots of fun with our special guest author.



As part of ‘work week’ and our topic ‘People Who Help Us’ we visited the Arriva Clapton Bus Garage.

The children were chauffeured by a private Arriva Bus to and from the garage, with their own personal driver!

Once at the garage the children had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a working garage. The children spoke with the depot manager on what is required to manage such a large company, as well as real bus drivers themselves. Everyone took turns to have a look in the driver’s cabin and operate some of the features such as the horn and wipers. The children even had the chance to ride in the bus through the bus car wash! What a thrill!

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