Paying Online

Parents  are now able to pay with a credit/debit card for trips and dinner money top ups  online.  Cash payments will  still be accommodated, but we hope that you will see the benefits of using the  online system, and use that instead. Please note, to use the system you will need a valid email address. From  September 2016 we are able to offer online payments for the cashless catering  via Tucasi and for other products that can be purchased from school. Similar  Internet Payment systems have already been installed in many schools  nationally, bringing a number of important benefits:

  • simple to use web  interface
  • payments made are  secure and reliable
  • parents can view  their full payment history online
  • reduce risk of pupils losing cash

To register

You should have received a letter detailing your username and password, from each of your children at school. Please use the details from your youngest child to register. Other children will show in a drop-down list when you are registered, and logged in to your account. If  you have not received a letter and would like to register please contact  Annie Gaughan in the school office.

If you have any problems please email –

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