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Sex Education and Relationships

“Head of School Mr. O’Brien and PSHCE and Lower Phase Lead Miss Salisbury led a parent coffee morning informing parents about the school’s Sex and Relationship Education Policy. Children are taught lessons from Reception through to Year 6, in an age appropriate way covering topics such as inappropriate touching, personal hygiene, puberty and respectful relationships. Knowledge is power, the children are given the facts about their bodies so that they can make informed choices about how to keep themselves safe. A copy of the policy is available from the school office.”

SRE Coffee Morning June 2017



Creative Writing

“The parent coffee morning was led by Literacy Lead Miss Goodman. She suggested several ways to support and stimulate writing. In early years, practising letters in sand or glitter with a finger is a very helpful way to develop hand control and letter formation skills. Later on, creative writing can be inspired by a range of things such as the book that you are reading together with you child. Roald Dahl texts are a great base to write character descriptions, setting descriptions or spin off stories from. Games such as hot-seating are a really fun way to get inside the character’s head.”

Creative Writing



Speech and Language

“Our Speech and Language Therapist Annabel Mills talked to parents all about the positives and negatives of children using technology such as tablets. She recommended that screen time should be monitored, timed and used interactively with an adult to ensure safety and optimum chances of learning. Doctors currently recommend that children under 2 should not be having any screen time at all due to the high levels of stimulation in the brain that it produces. Parents got to have a go at playing some of the recommended apps that Annabel suggested to aid language development, although she did mention that they are only to support and nothing can replace face to face social interactions as a tool for children to learn how to communicate.”

Using ipads for language at home

Using technology to support language development Speech and Language Therapy Hoxton Garden



Phonics Boot Camp

“Parents experienced a ‘Phonics Boot Camp’ with Head of School Mr O’Brien. They were informed about the National Curriculum requirements and how the children are taught to read in Early Years and KS1. Correct enunciation of the sounds is key. If you are unsure about how to enunciate any of the 144 sounds, please speak to your children’s class teacher or TA who would be more than happy to help you with this. Parents also got the opportunity to play on one of the educational apps we use to teach Phonics, ‘Buried Treasure.’ This app is free, so please give it a go at home, the children love it!”

Phonics Boot Camp



Families Week

“Assistant Head teacher Miss Larkman led the parent coffee morning about how to lead discussions with children about different families ahead of Families Week next week. At Hoxton Garden we have a diverse school community with a wide range of different families. We teach the Stonewall message of ‘same love’: no matter what your family make up, it is all the same love. Next week in class, teachers will be doing a special circle time with one of our Families Week special texts which will explore difference. Please ask your children about Families week and follow this up with a discussion about how we are all different and special.”

Families Week 2017 – 12th May 2017



Planning Easter Holiday Activities and creating scrap books

‘Our Learning Mentor Miss Annabel gave a parent coffee morning informing parents about ideas for days out and activities to see and do in Hackney and beyond this Easter holidays. There are lots of free activities happening in our local area and many Easter play schemes and clubs for parents looking for a day off! Parents also got to see some examples of the scrap books that children made in class during Book Week. The children loved creating their own books and filling them with their writing. Making a scrap book of the holidays is a great way to get children writing during their time off and will help you to remember the memories in years to come!’

Planning activities for the Easter holidays – 24th March

Book Making Handout



Keeping Healthy in School and at home

‘Our wonderful school nurse Kenny Crawford came into school to lead a parent coffee morning all about how parents and children can keep healthy in school and at home. This is done by a combination of eating a healthy balanced diet and getting enough exercise. It is recommended that children 5 to 18 years need to be doing at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. This can be anything from walking to school, playing in the playground and riding a scooter to swimming and playing football. Mix between moderate and vigorous activity to help children grow, develop and strengthen their muscles and bones. Kenny also showed parents the eat well plate which shows what proportion of our diet should come from which food groups.

-17th March


Understanding the curriculum

“Parents got a chance to make their own resources to help with supporting their children with Numeracy at home. They made things such as a number fan, one hundred squares and clocks to help their children to learn to tell the time. Resources such as these really help the children to master the subject. The new curriculum places a lot of importance on mastery. This means a deeper understanding of the key concepts and skills.”

Understanding the new curriculum and using resources – 10th March


ICT- coding

Parents got to meet Hoxton Garden’s Digital Leaders today at the parent coffee morning. They gave a quiz and explained all about their role promoting e-safety within the school. Yasmin even gave a PowerPoint presentation she had created herself. Next, parents got to have a go at some of the coding programmes we use in school to teach this all important new skill. The digital leaders were on hand to support them and answer any questions they may have had!

Digital Leaders and Coding – 3rd March 2017


Literacy- Using daily supported reading

Today Literacy Lead and year 4 class teacher Miss Goodman led a parent workshop all about the daily supported reading scheme that is used at Hoxton Garden. Strategies to help reluctant readers and stretch able readers were also discussed. Don’t forget to become a member of your local library! You can choose from thousands of books to borrow for free!

Literacy – 23rd February 2017


Science- Practical Investigations to try at home:

“Science Lead and Year 6 teacher Miss Davis led a parent coffee morning all about investigations to try at home with your children to help broaden their understanding and knowledge of the world around us. Everything can be a learning experience; bath time, cooking, a bird’s nest and the weather to name but a few! Be observant and curious!”

Science Investigation – 3rd February 2017



“This morning’s parent workshop was led by Miss Toland, Hoxton Garden’s Art Lead and year 1/2 teacher. Parents also got a chance to hear from the 6 art ambassadors in the school who spoke about their role, what they do and why art holiday homework is important. As well as being a chance for the children to get creative in the holidays, holiday homework is a brilliant opportunity for the children to get a jump start learning all about their upcoming topic for the term ahead.”

– 10th February 2017



“This week’s parent coffee morning was focused on PSHCE with an anti-bullying theme. Leading the session was PSHCE and Lower Phase Lead Miss Salisbury. In the coffee morning, parents were informed about what bullying is, the effects of it, the type of children who are likely to be perpetrators and victims and how we as a school seek to prevent and tackle bullying on. If you have any questions or worries about bullying, please speak to Ms Salisbury or a member of SLT.”

Anti-Bullying – 27th January 2017



“Maths and Upper Phase Leader Ms Carr led a parent coffee morning informing parents all about how to support their children with solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. There is a different approach at each stage of learning, and the children cannot move onto the next stage until they have mastered the previous one. Class teachers will set homework for the children to practice their use of the 4 operations.”

Maths – 20th January 2017



‘Assistant Head Ms Larkman led a parent coffee morning all about how to use positive behaviour strategies to support with homework. Some children love homework and some children hate it, so it can be a challenging time in some families. Carving out a set time each week that you child knows it homework time will help them to get into the routine of doing it. Agree a treat or reward that you can do together at the end of each half term and create a positive reward chart that you can tick off each week once they have done their homework to help them see they are one step closer to reaching their goal.’

Helping With Homework – 13th January 2017



Literacy Lead and year 4 class teacher Miss Goodman led a parent workshop all about supporting your child at home in developing their writing. Ideas can come from anywhere, you can even use the beginning of a favourite book as inspiration and change the ending. The website has lots of good creative writing stimuli for children. The children have each been given a Free Writing book to take home for practising their writing in their free time. Please encourage them in any way possible to get writing!

Writing – 6th January 2017