School Council

In October children in every class vote for who they would to represent them and be a member of Hoxton Garden Primary School council.

Children from each class in years 2 – 6 were elected and there have been working hard to discuss and develop strategies to improve our school.

School council help to provide a voice for all pupils and meet every week to discuss any ideas or suggestions that have been made in our council meetings.

Some of the ideas we have discussed and are planning for the future are: Raising money for charity, new playground equipment and enterprise opportunities in school.

We have lots of exciting ideas for Hoxton Garden Primary School and are looking forward to implementing these in the near future.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve our school please post your ideas in the suggestion box.


To access 2016-2017 meeting minutes, please click here.

To access 2015-2016 meeting minutes, please click here.