Year 6

What we’ve been up to…

This half term, Year 6 have been learning about the heart. Children took part in a workshop and were able to dissect a real lamb’s heart. They were able to successfully identify the veins, arteries and the various chambers. Everyone found it extremely interesting and little gruesome!


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Hoxton Garden recently celebrated their annual Harvest Festival. Children from Reception up to Year 6 travelled to our local Church to celebrate the successful growing of crops. Thank you to all of our families for all of the contributions of tinned and dried goods that were donated to the Hackney Foodbank and a thank you to Father Christopher for welcoming us into the Church.

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Congratulations to Kornelia and D’Vante for gaining the most votes in our School Council elections during Democracy Day and becoming our Head and Deputy Head of School Council. Along with all of the other candidates, their speeches were of a very high standard and the school are incredibly lucky to have them championing the voice of all of our pupils. After the election, our Head of School Council Kornelia said, “I am very excited to be Head of School Council this year. I am looking forward to making Hoxton Garden a happier and even better place to learn!”

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Year 6 have been working incredibly hard, producing animations using ipads. They have been learning about camera angles, special effects and movie editing and at the end of the unit of work,  each   child created an animation using a range of software.

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As part of our school’s continued partnership with Sir Robert McAlpine construction company and the Broadgate Redevelopment Project, there have been a number of exciting trips and workshops  that have taken place. To support year 6 in their new topic, ‘Sustainability’ they took part in a workshop where each child designed their own sustainable building. In the new year, the children’s designs will be put together and put on display at the company’s office in central London.


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Thistle Class supporting Anti-Bullying Week by wearing blue for Blue Friday!


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