Year 6

What we’ve been up to…


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the start of an exciting year at Hoxton Garden Primary School! I hope you all had a restful holiday and are ready to dive into the new term!

We have lots of interesting and new topics to cover this term with a particular focus on ‘The Galapagos, Charles Darwin and Evolution!

Literacy and Numeracy homework will be sent out every Thursday and will be collected every Monday morning.

Spellings will be sent out every Monday, with a test on Friday.

Home readers need to be completed daily and signed weekly by a Parent/Carer. Please ensure that your child is reading and practicing times tables every evening. Remember practice makes perfect!

This term the children will be exploring indoor games and how we can use different forms of exercise to keep fit. Children must bring their complete PE kit every Friday.

Should you have any concerns or wish to talk to us about your child’s progress, please feel free to speak to us.




Year 6 celebrated a wonderfully successful year with a day out to Southend! Children spent the day at Adventure Island, braving the rides, including Rage, The Claw and Tidal Wave. Children then took a walk along the beach, enjoying the sunny weather. It was a great day had by all.

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As part of their topic ‘World at War’ Year 6 experienced life on a war ship during their visit to HMS Belfast. They explored many areas of the ship, including the upper deck, engine room, mess deck and the punishment cells. Children also entered the gun room, where they experienced what it felt and sounded like during a battle!


Photo 19-05-2017 11 54 46 Photo 19-05-2017 12 30 58 Photo 19-05-2017 12 08 51 Photo 19-05-2017 12 02 22


As part of Families Week, Thistle Class participated in a circle time about what changes families sometimes go through. They then made leaflets for younger children, explaining what happens when parents separate.

Photo 16-05-2017 15 00 00 Photo 16-05-2017 16 21 25 Photo 16-05-2017 15 02 50



The children in year 6 discussed homophobic bullying as part of Families Week. They then wrote their own ‘I have a dream…’ speeches

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This week, Thistle and Dandelion Class have been learning about tessellations. Children made their own templates and created their own tessellations. The year 6 children also discussed which shapes wouldn’t tessellate and why.

Photo 16-05-2017 09 39 02 Photo 16-05-2017 09 47 57 Photo 16-05-2017 09 49 47




Improving our mathematical reasoning skills in preparation for our SATs by completing some maths mastery!

Photo 18-04-2017 11 12 02 Photo 18-04-2017 11 11 29



During Maths, Science and Technology week, Thistle Class and Dandelion Class took part in a problem solving workshop.

Throughout our topic on weather for Science week, year 6 children learnt all about climate change and it’s devastating effects through a silent disco!

Photo 17-03-2017 14 15 24 Photo 17-03-2017 14 08 07 Photo 17-03-2017 12 11 54 Photo 17-03-2017 12 11 12



During Work Week, children in year 6 became young, budding entrepreneurs. After being given a brief, children worked in small groups to design their own innovative product that solved a modern day problem. At the end of the week, children pitched their idea to a team of ‘dragons’

Photo 27-01-2017 14 38 17 Photo 27-01-2017 14 27 50 Photo 26-01-2017 14 53 22



Year 6 travelled to The Royal Institute of British Architects on Great Portland Street and completed a range of different activities. Children visited an exhibition, designed 3D sculptures using an ipad app and created models of buildings using a variety of different paper techniques! The children had a fantastic time and the building was beautiful.


photo-15-12-2016-10-45-46 photo-15-12-2016-11-14-03 photo-15-12-2016-11-15-14  photo-15-12-2016-11-51-29





Thistle Class made clay sculptures of animals from the Galapagos Islands. Can you name the species?


photo-14-12-2016-14-12-10 photo-14-12-2016-14-38-50 photo-14-12-2016-14-54-22




This half term, children in year 6 have been learning about the heart. Towards the end of the topic, children took part in a HandsOn Science workshop where they were able to dissect a real lamb’s heart. The children found the whole experience exciting and extremely fascinating and  were able to successfully identify the veins, arteries and the various chambers.


photo-09-12-2016-11-56-44 photo-09-12-2016-12-06-06 photo-09-12-2016-12-09-23 photo-09-12-2016-12-10-17




The children in year 6 travelled to Hackney Museum to take part in a workshop all about junior citizenship. Children were lucky enough to meet police officers, first aiders, fireman and other members of the public service workforce. During the afternoon, children were able to learn how to be respectful and safe citizens in Hackney. They learnt about safety on the tube and how to deliver basic first aid. Battersea dogs home were also there to teach children how to care for animals and how to stay safe around them .

photo-07-12-2016-13-27-42 photo-07-12-2016-13-35-41 photo-07-12-2016-14-00-01 photo-07-12-2016-14-03-27

Year 6 completed the second part of their architecture project with the Royal Institute of British Architects. Children learnt about facades and created their own; they then put them altogether to create one large eco-building design.




We were lucky enough to have Apollo 4 prepare an assembly for us, where we were able to listen to a range of classical and modern music. Apollo 4 are musicians who work with various schools around London. We learned a great deal about classical music and the instruments that are involved.



Year 6 are currently taking part in a project with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). As part of the project, two architects from RIBA visited Hoxton Garden to teach the children about natural and artificial forms. The children were then able to discuss the importance of eco-buildings and how we can make our school a more sustainable environment.

photo-24-11-2016-15-07-01 photo-24-11-2016-15-07-38



We travelled to our partner school Orchard Primary to take part in an Evolution workshop. As we are learning about evolution and inheritance in our Science lessons, we were able to explore hundreds of different fossils that have been found around Hackney. We learnt all about natural selection and began to realise that over time, the bones of animals of stretched in order to create variation in species.

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During World Week, we took part in an Indian dance workshop. We learnt the history of bangra dance, and were able to learn a range of different dance moves. We then choreographed a routine and performed it!


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As part of Black History Day, we researched and learnt about Jean-Michel Basquit. He was a famous black painter who use pastels to create spectacular pieces of artwork. We created our own Basquit inspired images, which we have proudly displayed around our classroom.

photo-20-10-2016-14-18-37 photo-20-10-2016-14-19-26