Year 4

What we’ve been up to…

Poppy Class are taking part in the Gardening for Enterprise workshops, whereby they will grow seeds into lettuce, onions and potatoes and sell them in the summer.

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Lilac and Poppy Class took part in a teeth workshop to support the work they have been doing in their Science lessons. The children each made their own mould of a set of teeth and learnt about how different teeth are adapted for different animals.

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Poppy and Lilac classes engaged in a workshop with an Apollo Music workshop, made up of a team of professional musicians who work with a large variety of renowned orchestras. The children had the opportunity to see and hear the instruments up close and ask the musicians about how they got into music and what they enjoy most about their job.

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The Year 4’s have been helping the Year 3’s learn how each of the pieces on a chessboard can move. The Year 4’s are experts and have been doing a fantastic job of explaining moves and techniques.


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Poppy class were lucky enough to take part in an all-day ‘Loaf Workshop’ that Cassie the gardener had organised. We followed each step of the process and drew a storyboard to record each stage. Examples of these can be found in the class SMSC book.

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