Year 3

What we’ve been up too…


Sunflower class was busy making wind vanes so that they could determine the wind direction as part of their Maths Science and Technology week activities. The students experimented with different designs and many students proved that they have a knack for engineering.

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Sunflower class has been working on problem solving every Friday. They have been using the skills that they learn throughout the week to help them solve problems. This week the students had to use estimation and rounding as well multiplication and division to find the solution.


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Sunflower class has been busy in the garden, planting seeds and tubers that they plan to harvest and sell in July. They also worked to maintain the garden as well as digging up new potatoes. Sunflower’s new garden monitors will be responsible for maintaining the seedlings until they are ready to be sold.

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Sunflower class have been learning a range of problem solving strategies to help us solve mathematical problems that involve more than one calculation. Strategies that we have been using include drawing a picture, making a model, making a number sentence and keeping a tally.

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Students from Sunflower class will be learning about Vikings this half term. Particularly about the effect that these Scandinavian peoples had on trade and exploration around Europe as well as how their culture affected the lives of past and present Britons. During the holidays students from Sunflower begun researching and building models of the amazing Viking longboats that allowed them to travel beyond the known world.





Sunflower class enjoyed a day at the Natural History Museum. They have been studying Animals Including Humans for Science and a trip to the Natural History Museum was an opportunity for them to see and interact with what they had learned in a new environment. All students had an excellent time. Being able to see the fossilised remains of prehistoric animals was a particular treat.




Sunflower class have been learning to play chess with their specialist teacher. The purpose of these sessions has been teaching the students to concentrate for extended periods of time, learning the names of the pieces and how the pieces move on the board. Once this is accomplished students will learn how to develop their pieces and control the centre of the board. Students are encouraged to play at home with either a board or on a tablet or smart phone.




This week we were really lucky to have two of our class’s dads come into school to do some activities with us!  We had an absolutely fantastic morning practicing our cutting skills and then using our brains to work out how to turn our nets into a cube.  And not just any old cube! Our new dice were great tools for us to practice some of the sounds and spellings we need in our Literacy work.  Thank you to our Sunflower fathers for coming in and helping us! You’re always welcome.

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Today in PSCHE we have been learning about the rules we need in our ordered society.  We talked about how society includes everyone we know, but also all the other people throughout our neighbourhoods, London and the entire country that we don’t know.  We talked about how the roads would be even more dangerous if there weren’t rules.  Imagine if traffic lights didn’t exist and everyone tried to go through junctions at the same time! We talked about the kinds of rules that help us to learn in class and make sure that everyone stays safe.