Year 2






Tulip Class enjoyed tasting different foods in their sensory taster session. They learnt all about their taste buds and how our taste buds change over time. They tasted sweet, salty, bitter and sour foods and they liked some more than others!


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We went on a BUG HUNT!

Our gardener Cassie took us on a hunt around our garden to look at all the creepy crawlies and we loved it! With our magnifying glass at hand, we saw everything, from the hairy legs of the spiders to the slimy eyes of the snails.


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We are learning about Van Gogh, The Sunflower and we went to see this at the National Gallery.




Tulip (Year 2) and Lupin Class (Year 2/1) had a fantastic time on their very own walking tour of the famous sites of London, looking at specific places where the Great Fire of London took place!


They compared how Pudding Lane, St Paul’s Cathedral and the River Thames looked in 1666 to how it looks now. They drew sketches of each significant place and discovered that Monument has been built to remember this famous historical event.