Year 2

What we’ve been up to…

Lily, Tulip and Lupin classes had a wonderful time discovering more about Florence Nightingale and her life as a nurse during the Crimean War. They had the opportunity  dress up in clothes similar to those that nurses and soldiers in that time wore, as well as having the chance to investigate artefacts from that time and discovering what each one was used for.

Photo 06-10-2017 11 25 55 Photo 06-10-2017 13 03 28



Tulip Class really enjoy solving problems! This week they have been learning how to round to the nearest 10. We played a problem solving game to help develop our maths skills of rounding and to challenge ourselves further.

Photo 09-01-2018 11 36 31 Photo 09-01-2018 11 29 45



Tulip Class had a wonderful time taking part in their own gardening workshop. They made their very own seed paper that will now be placed outside and watched carefully to see if the seeds will grow!


Photo 08-01-2018 14 13 42 Photo 08-01-2018 14 13 22 Photo 08-01-2018 14 02 38